Awareness Training

Employees are often considered the weakest link, they know what your organization is planning and they have access to sensitive information.  Using social engineering other parties can use this information to learn about you and your company and get an advantage or worse, possibly now without you even knowing! 

Avalon Cyber Security has developed a variety of methods and means to meet that challenge.  

With years of experience we aim to increase the organization’s resistance to cyber-attacks by strengthening the weakest link in the security chain – the end user.



Our services include, among others:

  • Cyber awareness exercises
  • Interactive computer learning
  • Explanatory booklets for users
  • Employee awareness training – three-hour training course which can be used to get your employees up to speed in no time! Learn about security awareness in an informal setting guided by experienced security professionals:
    • Section 1: Introducing security awareness
      The training course kicks off with a general introduction about security awareness. Learn about the importance of security awareness, in both your work and private lives. Our security professionals will explain how hackers think and how they use creative solutions and techniques to achieve their goals.
    • Section 2: Diving deeper
      Learn about different concepts of security awareness which extend beyond the computer and smartphone such as social engineering, physical security and phishing. Experience the techniques used by hackers during social engineering and how they are commonly used to convince unsuspecting employees. Grasp the importance of physical security and how it can be used to safeguard assets and information. Final subject of the day will be phishing. You will study mails and identify common traits, which are currently used in phishing attacks.


Our information security consultants with over a decade of experience and reputation with proficiency in Awareness Training requirements and other security services and will accompany your organization from end to end until compliance with regulations and full compliance with your field of activity.
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