CISO as a Service

CISO as a Service helps bridge the gap for many organizations that cannot justify the cost of hiring a Chief Information Security Officer, and often don’t know exactly how to articulate the needs and responsibilities a CISO would undertake. In other cases, businesses may have an existing CISO who needs the guidance of a senior expert to improve their security or compliance.

Avalon Cyber Security provides managed CISO services to a wide variety of customers based on organizational needs, and in accordance with their needs and size.

Our CISO as a Service enables any organization to access high level security expertise easily and cost effectively and brings the ability to drive business objectives and ensure that the security framework supports them.

How CISO as a Service will help your business:


Our CISO as a Service experts have vast experience across all components of the security domains.

We will work with you to understand exactly what your needs are, taking into account your budget and industry-specific regulations. 


We will then construct the most efficient CISO as a service role, such as:


Information Security Leadership and Guidance

Steering Committee Leadership or Participation

Security Compliance Management

Security Policy, Process, and Procedure Development

Security Training and Awareness

Incidents – Identify, Report and Control

Managing the Information Security Budget

Security Testing

Identification and Access Management

Monitoring Threats and Taking Preventive Measures

Establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan and a Business Continuity Plan

Conducting Third-Party Vendor Security Assessments

Risk Management


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