Law & Regulation Overview

In Avalon Cyber Security we know it is very important to understand the role laws and regulations play as well as how compliance might impact us, both from a personal and a business perspective.


In many cases, the requirements within which we must operate during the course of protecting our respective organizations, helping to design new systems and applications, deciding on retention periods for retention of data, recommending encryption or tokenization of sensitive data, and a huge number of other activities that are part and parcel of being a security professional, will be driven by the need to comply with one or more of a number of rules, some having the weight of law and some which are industry standards with business but not legal impacts.

These requirements may also govern our processes or ability to collect information, pursue investigations, monitor networks, and any of a number of activities that we might wish to execute as part of our appointed roles. Companies that operate internationally may particularly feel the complexity of these issues, as the laws regarding data, employee information, use of encryption, and similar commonplace activities may actually change from one part of the enterprise to the next based on where they are located or the national laws based on the origin of data we are storing.


Avalon Cyber Security experts & lawyers, have years of hands-on experience within various sectors of information security, now offers that unique service!

We know how Complying with laws and regulations is a top information security management priority.


Avalon Cyber Security is helping businesses save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on costly compliance documentation creation or legal penalties in the future.

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