Policies and Procedures Kit

All the Templates You Need to Plan, Start, Organize, Manage and execute for Your cyber Security SOC 2/SOC 3 and ISO 27001 Audits, in One Place

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Policy and Procedure, why is it necessary?

Preparing for cybersecurity audits like SOC 2/SOC 3 and ISO 27001 can be a challenge if you don’t have a clear way to track your progress or build program documentation.

If you are not familiar with the audit process, organizations like the AICPA, ISO and NIST provide guidelines that dictate both processes and technologies to address cybersecurity program gaps.  But spreadsheets and guidelines can only get you so far in supporting your goals of passing a cybersecurity audit.  Organizations must also have Policies and Procedures that document the way the organization defines and meets its goals around cybersecurity management.


Our “Policies and Procedures Kit”:

Clear, Simple & ready for action “Fill in the Blanks” templates

In order to get ready for audits, companies must have clearly written and defined policies. You have the option of building these policies yourself, hiring lawyers to write them for you or buying inconsistent templates of the Internet.

We are here to help. Your purchase will include access to a robust templates kit library including all the Policies & Procedures needed, including Action Forms, Mapping & Plan templates that can be leveraged to meet your organization’s unique compliance requirements.

These exhaustively researched & developed high-quality “Fill-in the blanks” templates created by cyber security experts & lawyers with years of hands-on experience within various sectors of information security, is helping businesses save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on costly compliance documentation creation.

Our Policies and Procedures Kit is tested constantly, challenged on a daily basis to meet the needs of cybersecurity audits such as SOC 2/SOC 3 and ISO 27001. 


We know because our Policies and Procedures Kit is already serving dozens of customers, with great success!


This kit was built to fits all. Having that said, certain kinds of companies such as SMB’s, Startups and other cloud-based companies, will almost feel like it was tailored especially for them. This is where the sweet spot is the most beneficial. And that is exactly the response we get from our customers: “fits like a glove” and “made it so easy, we dived right in”.


There’s simply nothing else quite like it on the marketplace today.

To help you too get an idea of the benefits of our Policies and Procedures Kit, we are providing access to a limited number of sample templates for you to see.


What’s in the kit


The SOC 2/SOC 3 Compliance Policies and Procedures Kit is an incredibly in-depth, comprehensive set of information security documents for today’s demanding businesses.

Growing cyber-security threats and ever-increasing compliance mandates are forcing businesses to get serious about information security, and it’s why the SOC 2/SOC 3 and ISO 27001 Policies and Procedures Kit was created. 


Available for immediate purchase, you’ll receive hundreds of pages of high-quality, industry leading operational, and organizational: policies, procedures, action forms, mapping tools, plan tools and other supporting templates – needed for SOC 2/SOC 3 and ISO 27001:


  • Information Security Policies and Procedures: The true framework of any regulatory compliance mandate – especially with SOC 2 and SOC 3 and ISO27001 compliance – is a 50 + templates kit, loaded with dozens of professionally developed documents that are second to none:
    • Dozens of essential security policies and procedures
    • Comprehensive list of forms and checklists
    • Essential documents and templates easy-to-use and implement

Also, provided Extra:

  • Cybersecurity and Information Security Awareness Program: Educating employees on current security issues, threats, and concerns is not only a requirement for compliance, it’s a best practice every organization should be doing. We’ve developed an incredibly comprehensive, easy-to-use and implement cybersecurity and information security awareness program for ensuring your employees have a strong understanding of current cybersecurity topics.
  • Risk Management & Risk Assessment template: Assessing risk is critical for compliance, and our industry leading template provides an incredibly easy-to-use risk assessment process covering all critical risk topics and categories. From information security risks to business risks, legal risks – and more – you’ll be covered with our professionally developed risk assessment documents.
  • Cyber Incident Response and Reporting template: The ability to respond quickly, effectively, and comprehensively to any type of attack vector is critical, along with protecting organizational assets. Our incident response plan is thorough, easy-to-follow, and developed in accordance with industry leading standards.
  • Third-Party Vendor Due-Diligence and Monitoring template: Comprehensive third-party due diligence initiatives, along with consistent measures for assessing and monitoring vendors, is an absolute necessity in today’s business arena. Our Compliance Toolkit includes a helpful checklist for monitoring all third-party service providers

Additional Information:

  • Document Length: 150 + Pages.
  • Topics Covered: Dozens of sections and categories pertaining to the broader subject of information security and cyber security.
  • Framework: Developed in accordance with best practices derived from industry specific vendor administrator guides, NIST SP 800 publications, FIPS publications, ISO 27000 series of standards, COBIT, USCERT, NSA hardening documents, DIACAP, DISA STIGs, industry leading cloud computing publications, Defense-In-Depth and Layered Security best practices, along with numerous other globally recognized benchmarks, standards, frameworks, associations, and publications within the broader field of information security.
  • Download Use: One (1) per company.

Full Kit Value For Sale $1,780

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